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The Top Tennis Junior Coaching Programme

Our Concept

We have identified key physical and tennis relevant psycho-motor skills that are essential to effectively learn tennis. These form the foundation of any players ability to improve their performance and effectively develop their tennis skills. We ensure these are coached alongside the fundamental technical knowledge required to play better tennis. Our programme has been designed that each week flows neatly into the next, ensuring we develop not only strong tennis players, but all-around better sports people. Coaches will help players each week along their development path to instil strong fundamental concepts that stand up to all the demands and challenges they will face on the tennis court and throughout their sporting career.


Our Content

Our group coaching sessions are split into three clearly defined sections; skills, drills and match-play. Each week a main tennis theme is combined with a relevant psychomotor skill that will enable children to develop their technical skills more effectively.

Recent research and years of coaching experience dictate that children learn the game of tennis quicker when they poses a strong base of physical skills. Essentially, sportier children develop technical skills at a faster rate than children with less developed psychomotor skills. Our content ensures players are advancing tennis relevant psychomotor skills in order to become better tennis players.

Our highly skilled team of coaches ensure strong tennis fundamentals and psychomotor skill development though the principle of constant feedback. Our sessions are based around the idea of constant play. Having crafted a syllabus of fun and engaging activities that progress from individual to pair to team based tasks. Every one of these actions aim to progress a physical skill into a tennis skill, with each weekly lesson plan leading neatly into the next.

Weekly TennisThemes

Our carefully curated weekly themes integrate psychomotor skill development with key tennis topics, providing a comprehensive learning experience for players. The structured progression of themes ensures that players receive continuous feedback and opportunities for growth while keeping them engaged with changing topics. This approach not only covers all facets of the game but also promotes a stimulating and enriching environment for children participating in the tennis program.

Psychomotor Skills

Psychomotor skills refer to the ability to coordinate cognitive processes with physical movements. These skills involve tasks such as hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and overall physical dexterity. Developing psychomotor skills not only enhances physical abilities but also contributes to overall cognitive functioning and problem-solving capabilities.

Our Background

Head coach Tom is an LTA accredited + coach with over 15 years of experience in tennis coaching.

Tom’s passion for sport, and Tennis in particular, began at an early age, first picking up a racket at two years old and competing regularly through the LTA player development pathway from the age of 5. Alongside regular tennis competition, Tom also represented the Fulham football academy until the age of 16 and the Queens University Belfast in Rugby whilst completing an Architecture degree.

Having been a part of high-performance training squads throughout his childhood, Tom turned his attention to coaching tennis from the age of 16. Throughout a 15-year coaching career, Tom’s style has evolved with time. Player, personal and skill development are at the heart of Tom’s teachings. Clients can rest assured that they will receive the highest calibre of coaching around.

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